Hello Spring!!!!

It's time to ditch those warm winter boots and step into your cutesy-tootsy shoes for the new season!

While in Vegas this past February I had the opportunity to not only shop for my store but to see some of the upcoming season footwear with some of the HOTTEST designers out there!!! I will tell you this! Nude, Blush & Floral are definitely the colors to grab and the MULE is making a comeback! Yes ladies I said it!!! The infamous 90's Mule is back!!!! Just about every designer from local to abroad has a style of mule in all of the seasons latest colors. Ladies don't miss this seasons trends from fear of not knowing how to rock them! Step into our store for a fashion consultation and heel walking class. Oh... Wait... We forgot to tell you the good news!!! Our GRAND OPENING for our 1st store is tentatively May 1, 2015. That's if everything goes well with the design and layout! We are working hard to make our store fabulous. 

Grab your nude pumps from Privileged shoes via our website today!




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